Thursday, November 16, 2006

MA Exposition

The MA Exposition launches on Friday night at the same time as the last night of the performance. Due to the difficulty of documenting the project at such short notice I have submitted a slideshow of images from the process to a soundtrack of interviews with the drama group. It seems to capture the aims of the project without presenting itself as the artwork. It is difficult to demonstrate the breadth of research and practice in a four minute showreel but I wanted to focus on the idea of amateur dramatics as a form of escape for which the EXIT sign has become a project motif. I wanted this film to be the voice of the drama group, of which I am now a member again.

The film raises issues of the role of the drama group in the church and the local community, the role of drama in the members' lives, and the feelings they have for it and get from it. It also features Harry talking about how he learns his lines - the inspiration for the installation - and an image of the stage blocks as they were found in the store room. I am keen for people to interpret this slideshow as a snapshot of the creative process I have undertaken in researching, developing, realising and documenting Acts of Communion.


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